Inorganic Functional Nanomaterials Laboratory
Thanks for stopping by and a very warm welcome to our website. We are a research group based at Materials Research Centre, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India. Primary research in the group revolves around wet-chemical synthesis, characterization and assembly of functional inorganic nanostructures for a variety of applications. A major focus of the group lies in understanding the mechanism of nucleation and growth, leading to controlled synthesis of nanostructures and hybrids with enhanced properties. We use electron microscopy as the primary tool for interrogation of nanostructures at various length scales to gain insights on their formation. Here, you can find information about our latest research activities, our group members and our publications. For more details, please visit separate pages. Happy browsing!


Contact us
Prof. N Ravishankar's lab Materials Research Centre
Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore, Karnataka
India- 560012 +91-80-2293-3255
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